Who Is Celina Smith? All About Stevewilldoit’s Girlfriend

Celina Smith is an Instagram model and fashion influencer with a big following. She’s dating SteveWillDoIt, a well-known internet figure. Their relationship and joint public activities have caught a lot of attention. Celina makes good money from her partnerships and promoting brands. However, it’s her personal life that often makes the news.

They’ve recently shared some big news that raises questions about their future together in the spotlight. What does this mean for their careers and personal lives?

Celina and Steve are a strong couple, but dealing with fame isn’t easy. How they handle their next steps could really affect both their career paths and their relationship.

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Career Overview

Celina Smith is a well-known Instagram model and fashion influencer with over a million followers. She showcases the latest fashion trends and lifestyles, attracting a wide audience.

Celina’s impact goes beyond Instagram; she’s appeared in many major magazines and interviews, establishing herself in the fashion world. She uses her online fame smartly, working with other famous figures like SteveWillDoIt to expand her reach.

Celina also steps into business by selling selected fashion items from top brands on Poshmark, adding another layer to her fashion career.

Net Worth and Earnings

Celina Smith has built a successful modeling career and now has a net worth of over $2 million. She makes her money from different sources, including her work on OnlyFans and her modeling gigs.

With a big social media following, Celina knows how to make money online. Every month, she brings in about $200,000 to $300,000. This shows she’s really good at using the internet to boost her career in fashion and online sales.

Her ongoing projects and partnerships keep making her more successful, proving she’s a top player in the influencer world.

Boyfriend and Relationship

Stephen Deleonardis, better known as SteveWillDoIt, has been with Instagram model Celina Smith since high school. They’ve been through ups and downs, including rumors of a breakup in 2020.

Steve is a famous YouTuber known for his bold challenges and pranks, and he’s played a big part in making Celina more popular. Although they’ve faced some tough rumors, like possible cheating, they’ve stayed strong together.

You can see their close relationship in their online content, where they mix their personal lives with their public images. This not only shows how connected they are but also boosts their fame on the internet.

Engagement and Future Plans

Steve and Celina recently got engaged, on December 10, 2022. This isn’t just about their personal life; it also opens doors for joint business projects.

They’re both influential on social media, and now they’re thinking about starting ventures in fashion and lifestyle. They’re also focusing on charity work, which shows their commitment to helping others.

As they get ready for their wedding, which is getting a lot of buzz, they’re also looking at ways to grow their brand. This is a big step for them, both personally and professionally.

Pregnancy Announcement

Steve recently shared on Instagram that Celina is pregnant with their first child. He posted pictures of her with her baby bump. Many people noticed and sent their congratulations. Although Celina hasn’t said much about the pregnancy online, you can tell they’re both really excited.

  • Public Reaction: Everyone’s happy for them. People are sending congratulations in the comments and sharing the news.
  • Privacy Choice: Celina prefers to keep her pregnancy details to herself. It shows she likes to keep some things private.
  • Future Content: With the pregnancy news out, they might start posting more about family stuff on social media.

It’s pretty clear they’re looking forward to being parents, and their followers are enjoying the updates.


Celina Smith has made a name for herself in the fashion and lifestyle world. She’s gathered a big following and has done well financially by teaming up with the right brands and growing her own personal brand.

Her relationship with SteveWillDoIt not only makes her more well-known but also helps her stand out in the market as they start new business and charity projects together.

Big changes in her personal life, like getting engaged and expecting a baby, will probably play a big role in how her career and brand keep growing.

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